My Letters To The Little One

…love letters from the Mommy

Post # 6

on August 19, 2011

Baby, I’m very sorry for the lack of recent updates, because Mommy’s been quite busy at work —- I know, I say that all the time, and I’m terribly sorry. 😦 What I’m going to post right now is kinda sorta like a mini photo essay story thinga-majigs. Thing is, I’m just going to post pictures that I took this week, and tell you something about it. I was able to take more pictures now, because our digicam’s miraculously working after eight months! Woooow! 🙂 You know what that means… you get to have a LOT of pictures once you come out of Mommy’s belly! YAAAAAY!! 🙂

Anyhoo, here goes…

Mommy at 13 weeks! 🙂

Here’s a picture of Mommy’s belly. I took this photo in my station in the office. Baby, you are starting to show now, and some people are noticing! 🙂

Mommy's Chicken Inasal meal

Mommy was not able to finish this plate. 😦 But it does taste good!

Daddy's Chicken Inasal meal

Daddy finished almost all of his chicken —- after four servings of rice, that is! 😛

Molo Soup (for sharing)

Daddy and Mommy shared this while waiting for our other orders. It was okay — nothing too spectacular about it. What we really liked was the Manggang Ensalada with Bagoong, but I couldn’t find the picture that I took of it.


Mommy and Daddy were quite disappointed with the Diniguan.. 😦 Not really delicious. But’s it’s not really the restaurant’s specialty so we let the whole thing pass.

Daddy with his chow face on. 😀

Believe me, he was the one who asked me to take his picture before he started eating. 🙂

Mommy's ready to eat! 🙂

(inside Mommy’s head) “Hurry and take the picture Daddy! I’m hungry already! Can’t you see my fixed smile?? :P”

Mommy with her student, JiSoo

Mommy took this picture during JiSoo’s study break. JiSoo’s my student in English Summer Camp in the morning, but I used to teach her online in the office too. She’s a very smart student and talented artist. She knows all about you, and occasionally asks questions about you. 🙂

Mommy with the other students in English Summer Camp

This is Mommy with (I’m going to use their English names, cause I don’t know their Korean names, except for JiSoo or Sue) Lisa, Isabelle, Sue, Meena and Amy.

Ninang Hershey with the English Summer Camp students

Ninang Hershey’s with Alex, Lisa, Sue, Amy, Isabelle and Meena. Ninang Lala, Ninang Ef and Ninang Rein were not present during the morning session today, so I’m gonna post a picture of them soon. 🙂

Mommy's vain moment

Sorry, I just had to add this. 😀 Mommy’s just being vain and arte cause she hasn’t been like that for a few months — because of all the terrible pregnancy symptoms we had to go through. But don’t worry Baby, everything’s all fine now! 🙂

Daddy posing for the camera!

Your Daddy looks very gwapo here, don’t you think? *sigh*
We will see Daddy again tomorrow! 🙂 Make sure you tell Daddy that you also love him, okay? Love you Baby! 🙂

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