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Post # 12

on September 19, 2011
Hi Baby! 🙂 Sorry it took Mommy some time to write, cause A LOT has happened. Like, A LOOOOOT. I promise you won’t even be mad at me anymore once you know why I was MIA. *Sigh* I don’t even know where to start telling you about the deluge of events that happened two weekends ago. I guess I better start with Friday, September 9th.

~~SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 (Friday)~~

It was Friday night, and the start of a very long weekend, because of a very special Korean holiday called Chuseok. Your ninangs and I were planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom to enjoy our long weekend, but there were a lot of reasons that made us not go (like me not being able to enjoy the rides, the weather’s unpredictability, etc.) so we decided to watch this very funny local movie called Zombadings: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington.

Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington
Picture is courtesy of
Daddy was also going to pick me up from the office that night, so I asked him to go along with us. We met at ShangriLa Mall first, so we could meet halfway (cue Black Eyed Peas: ♫ Meet me halfway, right at the borderline,
that’s where I’m gonna wait, for you, I’ll be lookin out, night n’day, took my heart to the limit, and this is where I’ll stay ♫ — Okay, Mommy’s getting super corny na. :P) then meet your ninangs at SM Megamall to catch the last full show. Once he saw me walking up to meet him, he was pleasantly shocked to see that you were kinda showing, cause Mommy was wearing a fitted green dress with black stripes. He kept grinning and touching my tummy all the way to SM Megamall’s Cinemas.
Anyhoo, Mom and Dad had burger, fries, popcorn and drinks  to eat during the movie. If you’re wondering why we didn’t get a lot of fries, it’s because Daddy ate a lot. 😛 Hahaha! 😀 But you know, Dad can’t keep his hands off you. He kept his hand on my tummy almost all throughout the movie (the only time he wasn’t was the time he was polishing off those fries). I’m sorry we weren’t able to take pictures that time, as we were really excited about the movie. The movie was actually about how people treat gay people in our society. I would talk to you about it in great detail once you’re old enough, but as for now, what I can tell you is we really LOLd (Laughed Out Loud) all throughout the movie. It was very rare for me to find a great local movie, so I was actually very impressed.
After watching the movie, we went home, then Dad couldn’t resist but take pictures of us. 😛 Here are some of the photos he took:

At 16 weeks! 🙂


You kinda look bigger when Mommy holds you like this. 🙂


Mommy's trying to smile even if she's very haggard looking from a long day.


Our first picture with Daddy! Haggard looking na rin si Daddy, cause he came all the way from Laguna

After our picture taking, Daddy had to go to Tito Amiel and Tito Harold’s house so he could stay the night there, as he was not allowed to sleep in our house yet.
~~SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 (Saturday)~~
Daddy went to our house before lunch time, so we could help Grandma buy her oven. See, I promised her months ago that I would get her one, so I decided to give it to her as soon as possible, cause I might not be able to once we have you. Your Grandma usually doesn’t ask for anything herself, so I was really excited to buy her something that she really really likes.
Grandma, Daddy and I ate lunch first, then we went to SM Cubao to get her the oven that she wants. I haven’t taken a picture of it, but I’m sure it looks quite the same as this one:

A look-a-like of Grandma's spankin' new electric oven!

Of course, when we got it, your Grandma was floored with excitement, so we immediately bought oven covers and something very easy-to-bake, like Betty Crocker’s Fudge Brownies, so we could test the whole thing out.
We wanted to stay with Grandma and bake, but we had to go on our first doctor’s appointment that afternoon, so Daddy and I had to go to the clinic. It’s a little far from our place in Cubao, but it’s really nice-looking and clean, plus it doesn’t hurt that the fees are quite affordable too. We almost got lost in Pasig, cause some of the tricycle drivers did not know how to get there. I’m very glad that Daddy had some peace of mind, cause I was about to blow some steam off. 😦
We arrived at the clinic around 4:30 PM, and had to wait for more or less an hour for an obstetrician to attend to us. We didn’t mind the wait, as Daddy and I are always talking and teasing each other when we’re together, so we barely notice how time passes. My name was called by the nurse at around 6 PM, so Dad and I followed the directions the nurse gave and got into this quaint doctor’s room. The doctor introduced herself as Dr. Tumbokon, and that she will be our doctor starting now until you come out of my tummy. She only asked a few questions while filling out a record form and observing me. She asked me to get some lab tests done together with the transvaginal ultrasound, then told me to have all these ready in a couple of weeks. She also gave me some vitamins and iron supplements, to help us be strong and healthy. After a few more questions, we got out of the clinic a little disappointed, as we were expecting an ultrasound from today’s visit. Oh well. :(We decided to go to SM Megamall afterwards, get some dinner and bought some review books for his big test on October 16. Don’t forget to always cheer for Daddy, okay? 🙂 Oh, and here are some of the pictures that we took that night, during dinner:

Daddy's so-called candid shot. 😛


Mommy's fake smiling, cause she's like really hungry and Daddy's insisting to take a picture first!


Daddy likes to eat --- A LOT! 😀




Mommy likes to eat slowly


What are you looking at, Dad? You already got some off my plate! 😛


Dad and Mom = ♥


Daddy is so witwiw here. *Dad and Mom's inside joke*

After eating, we chanced upon Toy Kingdom’s promotion of their latest Nerf guns, and like the big boy that your Dad is, he lined up so he could get to try it.

Daddy's is as much excited as the boy in front of him. 😛



We also passed by Surplus Shop, so he could get an extra shirt for the next day, cause he left his clothes bag at Tito Amiel and Tito Harold’s house. I think we got home at around 9:30 PM.
BTW, Daddy slept at our house!! 😀 We didn’t sleep next to each other though, cause he slept in the living room, Aunt Mimi slept in Great Grandpa’s room and Grandma and I slept at our room.
~~SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 (Sunday)~~
Aunt Mimi, Daddy and I went to church together. Daddy and I talked about spilling the beans after lunch at Grandpa’s house, so both of us were feeling really nervous. But the moment never came, cause a lot of events took place and there wasn’t any time to say it, so we went home with nerves still shot.
To make ourselves calm down, we spent the whole afternoon just bumming around, just talking about things we want to do in the future. Daddy had to go back at Tito Amiel and Tito Harold’s house that night. 
~~SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 (Monday)~~
Daddy had to attend to some important things that morning, so he got to our house at around lunch time. We ate lunch together with Grandma, as Aunt Mimi was still in school. All of us tried to take a nap, but Daddy and I were so nervous, we couldn’t sleep a wink. So we were nudging each other until Mom woke up from her nap two hours later.
Daddy and I still kept nudging each other, until I asked Grandma to sit down, cause we had to tell her something. She was acting coy and funny, like nothing really serious was going on. I couldn’t bring myself to say it, even though she was asking me what I was supposed to tell her. So I had to barely close my eyes, cause I couldn’t look her straight into her eyes, and told her that she was going to be a grandma soon. And her reaction?
“Noooo! (in a really funny and cartoonish voice)”
“Naunahan mo pa ko? (cause she kept telling me that she has to be married and get pregnant first before I do)”
“Kelan ako magiging grandma?”
Yeah. Just like that. No bashing, no head banging, no hair pulling or even shouting. I was so ashamed of myself (not because of you, baby) that I cried on her arm, asking for forgiveness. See, this same thing happened to Grandma when she was still 21 years old. She was a college junior that time, taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management (after shifting from another course) when she got pregnant by her then-boyfriend, your biological grandfather, who happened to be 28 years old that time. She had to stop studying, so she could take care of that baby — who happens to be ME, your mom. I apologized to her, because we also had you out of wedlock. I mean, we could have had you after Daddy and I get married, but you came first. Don’t get me wrong Baby, Daddy and Mommy love you very much, even if we were already married or otherwise. It’s just that our (us three) lives would be less complicated if we had you after getting married. But now that we have you, Daddy and I will try to make this right. We will try to make our lives less complicated by getting married, and not having unnecessary complications on your birth certificate like I do.Anyhoo, after all that drama, Grandma had to call your Grandpa (your actual, existing one — not the absentee one), so we could talk about the most serious issues over dinner. Daddy had to prove himself to them that he was man enough to take care of us. It was a stressful night, as a lot of things were looming into our heads. Reality was sinking in, and Daddy and I still have a lot to do.Daddy slept at our house that night.
~~SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 (Tuesday)~~
From all the stresses last night brought the both of us, Daddy and I woke up almost around lunch time. We only caught the Miss Universe 2011 awarding part. 😛 Then we had lunch, and went to the SSS office, so Mommy could get her ID. After a couple of hours, we got out without an ID, because they wanted me to get my birth certificate, to prove that I didn’t have a middle name (Your biological grandpa’s fault). So we decided to go to Tito Amiel and Tito Yeye’s house to get Daddy’s book. We also went to Alphaland to look for some things, before heading home to eat dinner.
Daddy slept at our house again. 🙂
~~SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 (Wednesday)~~
Mommy had to go back to work, so Daddy went with me up to Ortigas, cause he had to go back to Laguna and work until he gets a more stable job here in Manila. *sigh* It was hard to be without Daddy again, after spending so much time with him, but we still have some other things to take care of, before we can all be together again.One very profound thing that I’d like to note though, before I end this post: Your grandma hugged Daddy, and made him feel like he was really a part of the family. Like Mom and Dad are married already. It was sooo touching. 🙂
Anyhoo Baby, Mommy has to cut this entry short now, cause it’s getting too long. I bet your eyes are getting tired now. Will update you more soon! We love you Baby! 😀
Your Grandma ROCKSSSSSSS!!!! 😀

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