My Letters To The Little One

…love letters from the Mommy

Post # 14

on September 21, 2011

Hi Leetol One! 🙂 That’s what everybody in the family calls you nowadays. 🙂 You know what? We went to the clinic today, you and I. Daddy couldn’t come, since he was still in Laguna, but I made sure he was very much up to date with what’s happening, so it still feels like he’s there.

We arrived at the clinic around a quarter to 11, cause Mommy had to eat a very heavy breakfast before heading out. The nurses and medical staff were quick to attend to us, and within 5 minutes, a medical technologist was already extracting blood from my arm. I also gave them some sample of my pee. Immediately right after, the sonologist (Miss Marlene) called me, so we could have the ultrasound.

After a few minutes, she placed some really cold gel on the transducer and placed it on my lower abdomen. I already saw some movement on the screen, but I couldn’t make out your head or butt just yet. I was just happy to see that you were moving inside my tummy. 😀 My eyes were about to well up, but I tried my very best to control it, cause I don’t want to seem like an emotional mess in front of Miss Marlene, who happens to be a very nice and accomodating sonologist. 🙂 After about 10 minutes running the transducer round and round my tummy, she finally descibed the different images seen on the screen. She told me you were in an indian sitting position, so we couldn’t see much of your genitals yet. You were also opening and closing your mouth, probably taking in some amniotic fluid. Miss Marlene said you were 17 weeks and 2 days old according to the ultrasound, so there’s not much of a difference when it comes to your age according to my last menstrual period. We’ll ask Dr. Tumbokon what method we should follow, okay? 🙂 Anyway, she also said your length, weight and heart rate are pretty normal, and you’re sitting against my placenta, like it’s a pillow for your head and back. 😛

I immediately told Grandma through text and Daddy through a phone call. I think Grandma forwarded my message to everyone who knows, while Daddy sounded very ecstatic about the news. He’s going to be with us again this Sunday, so he’ll get to see your pictures by then. After the ultrasound session, Mommy already got her laboratory results and they’re all pretty much on normal levels, except for some parameters. Turns out, I’m still a bit anemic even if we are taking 500mg Iron supplements. Looks like we’re going to have to eat a lot more leafy vegetables than the normal amount. 🙂

After our trip to the clinic, we headed for SM Megamall, since it’s still too early for Mommy to go to work. Mommy bought two cellphone prepaid cards and her powder foundation (cause Mommy needs to be all prepped up during work), then we looked for something to eat while drinking Quickly Taro Ice Special. We’ve been to a lot of restaurants, but you don’t seem to like them, so we headed to Sbarro (don’t tell your Daddy, he’ll be mad cause we went there without him! —- which is a moot point, since he always reads our blog! 😛 sorry Daddy! :D)

Now Mommy’s in the office typing away, and I already feel very sleepy. 😦 I will be having consecutive classes starting in an hour, and I don’t think I can do it. 😦 Anyway, Mommy will be posting your ultrasound pictures next week, since we’ll be getting them from our doctor this Saturday. Grandma will be joining us during our second check-up! 🙂

We love you soooooo much Leetol One,  even if you make me Mommy extra sleepy at work! 😛


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