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Post # 18

on October 13, 2011

Hi Leetol One! 🙂 Mommy’s a little bored right now, since her next class is still at 6:40 PM (it’s 3:35 PM as we speak). So to pass the time, Mommy keeps on looking for baby-related stuff on the internet while having strawberry yogurt. You have been clamoring for strawberries for days now, and this is the next best thing to strawberries here in Ortigas, cause I don’t have time to buy real strawberries now. 😀 

Anyhoo, back to baby-related stuff. See, Daddy and I have been having this dilemma for months now — we don’t know what kind of baby bottles to buy for you. I mean, we know how many 4-5 oz. and 8-9 oz. bottles we need, it’s  just that we are clueless when it comes to brands. My mommy cyberfriends have been telling me different things, and Daddy doesn’t really like to “wing it” when it comes to buying bottles, cause we have to admit, bottles are expensive. We also want the sterilizer and the breast pump to match for the sake of convenience.

If you could talk now, maybe you could tell us what you like. 😀 For the sake of posterity and Mommy’s arte, I’ll post some pictures of the bottles, sterilizers and manual breast pumps that Daddy and Mommy are eyeing.


Avent bottles

 Photo courtesy of Avent Bottles

Avent sterilizer

 Photo courtesy of

Avent manual breast pump
Photo courtesy of
Mommy and Daddy thinks: Avent must be really good, as most moms nowadays recommend it to us. However, it can get a little too pricey, and we still have other things of yours to buy. But if it’s like super heavy-duty and will last until you’re two or three years old, well I guess we won’t be minding the price. But we still need some convincing on this one.

Pigeon bottles

Photo courtesy of BN Pigeon Bottles 
Pigeon sterilizer

Pigeon manual breast pump

Photo courtesy of Babies Galore

Mommy and Daddy thinks: Pigeon is also one of the best known brands around, and it’s within our budget. The Pigeon Philippines showroom is also quite near our place in Cubao, so we could probably get some discount there. Moms from cyberspace have been raving about this brand too. However, we also need some convincing on this one as well, as we are pretty much clueless when it comes to baby bottle brands and their durability. 😀  

~~Tommee Tippee~~

Tommee Tippee bottles

Tommee Tippee sterilizer

Photo courtesy of Toys R Us

Tommee Tippee

Photo courtesy of Amazon UK
Mommy and Daddy thinks: We don’t really know much about Tommee Tippee, because we only know a handful of moms who use this brand. Mommy and Daddy usually just pass by their display at the SM Megamall Department Store and did not bother looking too much, ’cause it gave us an impression that their products are expensive. But when I looked at reviews from the Smart Parenting’s Parent Chat, some moms were raving about it, and according to them, it is also not too pricey. I’m also quite sold on their Closer to Nature feeding range — most of the reviews say that the teats are so soft, plus the babies don’t get nipple confusion because of their close resemblance to an actual breast. But like the previous two brands, we  also need some convincing on this one, as we have no idea about prices and the quality.
Hmmm… So what do you think Leetol One? Think you can help Mommy and Daddy in choosing? We already asked your Grandma about it, and she says she used Canon and Gerber bottles on me when I was young. I haven’t seen any Canon bottles lately, and most Gerber bottles I know are bought online. We haven’t asked your Lola Mareth on this one yet, as she is also busy sewing Mommy’s wedding dress. 😀 Let’s also see what other mommies can tell us. 🙂
We love you Leetol One! 🙂
P.S.I know you feel quite full right now, as we ate ginisang sayote and rice for early lunch; Bakersfresh butter croissant, cinnamon twist and garlic bread for mid lunch; and Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders and Homi Instant Noodles for late lunch. Plus I’m about to finish our yogurt right now, and proceed next to the fudge brownie we have here. 🙂
P.P.S. Always pray for your Daddy, he’s got a very busy week coming. He’s taking the exam on Sunday, and a final job interview on Tuesday. 🙂 Be proud and cheer for him, as he is always doing his very best to take care of us and our future, okay? We love you too Daddy (we know you’re reading this too!)

12 responses to “Post # 18

  1. sipag mag-post! hehe! 🙂 if it helps, i used avent when my son was still a baby. hmmm… regalo kase! LOL

    • The Mommy says:

      ^Onga po Sis Gladys… Wala lang, ang tagal kasi ng vacant period ko sa work.. 😀

      Woooow, sana may magregalo din saken ng Avent.. Hahaha! 😀 Mejo pricey kasi eh, pero that’s want my future husband wants kasi. 😛

  2. Josie says:

    waa, I was really surprised how expensive feeding bottles this day, I saw that avent cost about P500 a piece, goodness!! but I think the most important is the nipple you’re gonna use, if it’s not too soft or too hard for the baby to suck and if the opening is not too small nor too big. btw thanks for visiting and commenting on my entry (KES 2011) 🙂

  3. I used avent for my little boy too. I got a few brands from my baby shower but i liked avent. It lasted till Lance switched to sippy cup so that was about 2 years. It’s still in my storage. I also have an avent sterilizer, but it’s the one that you pour water on the base and put in the microwave. Way more convenient than the one on the photo. I’m not sure if you have that kind dyan sa atin.

    • The Mommy says:

      Hi Sis Joy! 🙂 Thanks for the reply.. 🙂 Wooow, the bottles lasted for two years? That’s really good. 🙂

      I think we have the microwave sterilizer thingy here, but we haven’t bought a microwave for our future house yet, soooo… baka yung electric steam na lang muna.. But thanks for the idea though.. 🙂

  4. Hi there! I saw your link at SP, thought I might share some of my experiences regarding this area. Sorry because this is a very long ‘comment’ 😀

    I was hesitant to buy anything Avent before because of their prices, lalo na their breastpumps. I got a couple of baby bottles as presents at our baby shower so I figured I won’t be needing any more soon because I will be breastfeeding him. They were not “good” brands though like Avent or Pigeon. They’re more of a back-up kind of bottle. Also we bought Medela breastmilk storage and feeding bottles, so I can just put a ring and teat on them and we’re good to go. Only bought that because my mother-in-law lent me her old Medela Swing pump.

    Anyway, after 2 months of exclusively breastfeeding him, I decided to start pumping more so I can store more milk and the Medela pump wasn’t doing it for me. Further more, he didn’t like the regular teat, he likes them wide. So my Mom bought for us 9oz Mothercare Wide-neck bottles. They were okay, but too big for him pa.

    I wanted the Avent pump really bad, the Isis Duo in particular, because I want to pump fast and efficiently. FYI, I have a lot of milk in me so I needed something that could keep up, unlike the Medela one which was meant to use once a day only. I found one online that cost more than HALF of the mall price for the pumps. Immediately ordered the, got them picked up. And used it the next day! They were great. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVENT for that alone.

    The pump came with two 4oz bottles. By the way, the pump’s model is the newest one, honey-tinted, a little bit more expensive than the regular ones. The bottles were great. I could pump, store, or feed with the same bottle. I loved them so much that I got 3 extra 9oz bottles, but this time in cloudy white lang. They’re BPA free, but they scratch easily and sometimes if you don’t wash the bottle agad they get really sticky/slimey inside.

    Regarding the sterilizer, Avent’s sterilizer is fairly priced naman, but a little small. If you see yourself using a lot of bottles daily, I’d go for something bigger. A sterilizer than can take in maybe 6-8 bottles plus teats and rings and caps. Personally, matching the brands of the bottles, sterilizer, and pump isn’t that important, except for the pumping part. I have a local, cheap brand of sterilizer, and it does the job well naman so I have no complains. I have a back-up Avent microwave sterilizer that was given to me by my sister from the US, but we rarely use it because the other one is multi-use talaga. I sterilize and warm/steam stored milk there. According to the box, I can warm baby food and even boil egg on it. Haha!

    With Pigeon naman, I like their bottles too! It was only 3 months later that we used narrow-neck teats with my son and he was fine. Their bottles are very affordable and durable as well. No problems with them so far. I even recently got extra bottle caps, teats, and bottle rings for my Medela bottles. They’re really affordable! I plan on getting more bottles of this brand because they’re slim and easy to pack, unlike w/ Avent where I have to really make room for them in our diaper bag, Often we take two diaper bags out with us just to hold enough for the trip!

    Tommee Tippee is great rin according to reviews. Not that expensive and they have a wide range of products just like Avent. I would try them next when we go out to buy new bottles.

    If you are still unsure of what to get your baby, I suggest buying one of each so your baby can try them. Once you figure out which one he/she likes, then just ask Daddy to go out and buy some more. 😀

    I hope I helped a little. Sorry I couldn’t help but share. I know how excited you are. Isn’t pregnancy great! 😀

    Take care!


    • The Mommy says:

      Hi Sis Roxi! 🙂 Super thank you ah, cause I super appreciate talaga your very informative comment, kasi marami akong natutunan.. 🙂 Hmmm… lalo tuloy ako naexcite sa pamimili..:)

  5. Ane says:

    Have you thought about pure breastfeeding sis? 😛

    I was still in college when I had my first baby but that did not stop me from purely breastfeeding her, she didn’t take the bottle until she was almost 3.. 😛 Same with my second child.. 😛 How did I do it? I brought my baby to school with me and breastfed in class, thank god for breastfeeding blankets/covers.. 😛 I managed to graduate.. 😛

    BUT, if you must use the bottle, in case you can’t breastfeed, I recommend Chicco. It’s just like Avent but cheaper and it also looks a bit like Avent.. 😛

    Don’t use breast pumps! If you must pump, do it with your hands instead, why? Because pumps will make your nipples large, it’s gross, it’ll get big like prunes, which is so not awesome, I know because my aunt pumped and she told me what would happen, so I never tried it.. 😛

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, ( 🙂 returning the favor! 🙂 You can also check out my diary blog

    • The Mommy says:

      Hi Sis Ane! 🙂 I really plan on breastfeeding, but I have to go back to work after two months.. so I plan on pumping breastmilk na lang, so exclusive breastfeeding pa rin siya… I can’t really bring my baby to work kasi, very toxic / hectic ang environment..

      Anyhoo, thanks for the advice, I’ll keep that it in mind.. 🙂

  6. Joyce Santos says:

    Hi The Mommy,

    I actually use all three at the moment: Avent, Pigeon and Tommee Tippee.

    Here’s my review:

    Ive heard a LOT of good reviews of this brand. So like other moms who wants the best for her child i bought 8 honey tinted Avent bottles for my Hugo. This is the one piece valve that has no adapter ring and is more expensive than the cloudy white one.I was sooo hyped to use the bottles. To my utter disappointment, they leaked. so i ended up selling the 5 bottles I havent used yet. Some people say there is a technique in closing the bottle. I wouldn’t mind discovering that technique, but to do that at 1am to 5am in the morning??? No.

    There is another kind of Avent bottle which has an adapter ring on it so it wouldn’t leak. It is the cloudy white type. I was able to use this bottle because it came free with my ISIS DUO breastpump.The hassle is the adapter ring is an additional piece to wash and sterilize. More importantly, at 3am in the morning its also a hassle to assemble the adapter ring on the bottle. Last night when I was assembling the bottles my baby were to use for the entire night, I discovered one of the adapter rings were missing. Alas, yaya dropped them on the stairs. That is what happens when you have an additional SMALL piece to assemble. haaay.

    Tommee Tippee

    When I was pregnant, this was the bottle I purchased for my son. The bottles are very cute, and they really draw attention from people. The drawback is their size, they take so much space in the sterilizer. (PS: The best sterilizer for me is the Rapid Pigeon sterilizer, its huge! I get to sterilize only once a day.) Going back to the Tommee Tippee bottles, my baby didn’t get to use them until only last week at nearly 6 months. The slow flow nipple is still too strong for him and milk leaks on the side of his face. I like it better than Avent though. Avent really traumatized me. I have 6 Tommee Tippees and they will stay with me.


    Pigeon IS “THE ONE”. I have the clear, white, standard necked ones. No design at all, plain white cap, clear hard plastic. No leaks, very lightweight. I have 3 of these 4oz bottles and my son is beginning to outgrow them. I plan to buy the big standard necked ones this week. One ninong already pledged to give 2 bottles as a gift.

    This bottle is very easy to use. For the teats, I use the peristaltic nipple also from Pigeon, its stretchable and my baby loves them. They dont use too much space on the sterilizer too, as they are not too wide. I am still torn on the standard necked or wide necked ones, its much easier to pour formula on the wide necked bottles.

    So there sis, I hope I gave you a comprehensive first hand review on all three bottles. Some may not agree with my observations though, i guess most especially with Avent. But if you research more on Avent bottles, you will find blogs on leaking problems too. Enjoy your shopping sis!

    • The Mommy says:

      ^Woooow, thanks for the long reply sis! 🙂 I actually bought Tommee Tippee bottles, but I still have to buy a few more, prolly I’ll buy Pigeon this time. 🙂

      Thank you very very much for sharing your experience and knowledge among the three. 🙂

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