My Letters To The Little One

…love letters from the Mommy

Post # 19

on October 20, 2011

Hi Leetol One! 🙂 Happy 22 weeks! 🙂 Finally, Daddy remembered to bring Tita Daisy’s camera… so now I can finally upload pictures of your ultrasound (which were taken 5 weeks ago!! Tsk tsk Daddy talaga! :P) and pictures of your first baby shoes. 🙂

Grandma made this for you Leetol One! 🙂 She used several pastel colors cause we still have no idea what your gender is! 😛

Cutie booties! 🙂


As soon as we find out your gender, Grandma's going to make lots and lots of booties with gender-specific colors! 🙂

 Here are your pictures, Leetol One! 🙂


Ultrasound Report 🙂

 Awwww… 🙂

Awwww.. :') This was your picture 5 weeks ago. We're hoping to get another picture of you soon! 🙂

Look oh! 🙂

Daddy kept kissing these pictures when he first saw them! :')

These are the graphs…

These graphs show that you have been growing in a relatively healthy pace 🙂

The verdict?

According to the U/S, you are due to come out on February 27th, but according to Mommy's LMP, you're due on the 20th. Our doctor says the one-week difference is quite okay. 🙂

And for the sake of comparison and Mommy’s arte

Mommy ----> 5 years ago! 😛 For the sake of comparison.. 😛

And at 17 weeks???

Mommy's tummy 5 weeks ago! 😛

Oh, Mommy and Daddy already attended the two seminars required by the Quezon City Hall this week, in order for us to retrieve the marriage license tomorrow. We have been eating lots of street foods such as kwek-kwek, siomai, hopia, barbeque, lumpiang toge, and carioca soooooo… I’m really hoping you’re going to get immune to all these ’cause I’ve been craving for them badly. But don’t worry though, we’ve been eating at very reputable and clean-looking stores. 🙂
Street food! 🙂
Okay Leetol One, Mommy’s gotta work! 🙂 Daddy’s going to pick us up later.  😀 Hope you love the pictures! We love you Leetol One! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

8 responses to “Post # 19

  1. great update on your pregnancy. when your leetol one is older, i’m sure he or she will appreciate you documenting his/her life right from the very start. ang cute ng shoes!

    • The Mommy says:

      Thanks for the comment Sis! 🙂 Yeah, super cute talaga… will post more once my Mom’s done supaaar madami… with matching mittens, clothes, receiving blankets etc. 🙂

  2. gie says:

    I can tell you’re still skinny despite pregnancy. me, I still have lots of lbs to lose 1 year post-pregnancy. lol 😉 cute ng booties!

    • The Mommy says:

      Thanks Sis Gie! 🙂 Super winish ko talaga na maging tamang skinny-kuno before getting pregnant, so thank you kay Lord yun.. 🙂 Thanks, I’ll be sure to tell my Mom your compliments about the booties! 🙂

  3. Hello there little baby! Aww, gosh this brings me back to the days when I went crazy over Jacob’s ultrasound pictures. Imagine being teary eyed by a grainy, black & white photo diba! Haha. Lalo na nung 4D. Omigosh wait for the 4D! Baka maiyak si Daddy ni baby! 😀

    Cute booties btw! Love the colors!

    • The Mommy says:

      ^Thanks Sis Roxi, I super love you na for your consistent commenting.. 😛 I can’t wait for the 4D na rin. The Daddy doesn’t want mag 4D at first, kasi when we were kids, di naman daw uso ang 4D… pero I demanded talaga ng bongga, and he conceded! 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment, my mom will blush for sure! 😉

  4. Eh what else is there to do, I have my baby boy to take care of then blog then do a little work. Mommy gets bored too! Hahaha 😀

    Hay nako that’s what everybody told me, lalo na it’s very expensive! But I wanted his first photo to add in his baby book! Haha. I think I had 7 total ultrasounds during my pregnancy because of this and that. Pero pinilit ko lang talaga yung 4D. Had it at In My Womb in Megamall. 😀

    • The Mommy says:

      ^Hehehe.. Aww, sana WAHM din ako, pero as of the moment, not yet muna. Prolly when naayos na namin ni Hubby yung business.

      Seven? Really? Hehehe.. Ako I super want another one na talaga, kaso sabi ni Hubby kinig raw kay OB at sa 8th month na lang raw ang next ultrasound, baka dangerous daw ang marami. I just gave him the evil eye, which made him cringe. 😀 Ahh.. We’re having our 4d at the lying-in, kasi they have the ultrasound machine naman and everything. 😉

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