My Letters To The Little One

…love letters from the Mommy

Post # 22

on October 27, 2011

Hi Leetol One! 🙂 You’re probably wondering how Daddy and I met, right? I have been meaning to post it here, but I just did not have time sooooo…. now that I do have time, I’m gonna tell you almost everything you need to know. Almost everything cause, yeah I’m going to tell you the rest when you grow up and understand the workings of a hormonally- raged young adult. Oh ho ho, don’t get me wrong, Mommy and Daddy were not as wild as you think! Don’t even think it! 😀 Hahaha. Anyhoo, let me get to the story, okay?

As you prolly know, Daddy is from Siniloan, Laguna. He’s the firstborn of your Lolo Alden, and the third child of your Lola Mareth. See, Lola Mareth was married to another man way before she met your Lolo, but her first husband died, and she was left with two children, your Tito Epeng and Tita Daisy. She met Lolo Alden three to five years after her husband’s death. Not long after, they had your Daddy and got married a few months later. Less than a year later, they had your Tito Yeye, and after some years later, they had Tito Jun. 🙂 Leetol trivia: Lolo Alden and Lola Mareth’s first husband were cousins. You read right. But they were third cousins, so….

(Sorry Leetol One, I couldn’t find a picture of your Daddy when he was still very young. Your Daddy’s quite sensitive when it comes to his kiddie pictures. 😀 Go ask him why. :D)

Daddy grew up in a subrural area, so he got to enjoy playing around the fields while having some urban comforts at the same time. He was quite the quintessential farm boy, who can everything from farming, fishing, planting, hunting and all those things.  He did pretty well in school, that he was able to get into one of the most prestigious high schools in his town — and he belonged to the top section! 🙂 However, he suddenly got a little too lazy during High School, and got interested with basketball and computer games instead. Lola Mareth convinced him to take up a Nursing degree in Manila, so he could also go abroad and help out the family, as Lolo was a electrician and Lola was an OFW that time. Daddy did not have any qualms going, cause he knows that he will be moving in with Tito Tope, one of his close cousins, who happens to be a Nursing student in the same university Daddy ‘s going to attend in.

One of Daddy’s High School class photos. 😀

 Photo is courtesy of Daddy’s High School classmate.

Meanwhile, Mommy is from Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila. I’m the firstborn of your Grandma Mari, and the second child of your biological grandfather. See, your bio grandad was married to his first wife a few years ago before he met Grandma. They had a son, your Tito Mark, before they got separated. Your Tito Mark’s three years older than me, I think. He’s in Australia, with three kids of his own. Anyhoo, your bio grandad met Grandma, and after a few years, they had me. They did not get married until I was three. We stayed in Cubao for three or four years, until your bio grandad decided to move the whole family to Bacoor, Cavite for a few months. Not long after, we moved again to Olongapo, Zambales because of his work. When I was five years old, they had your Ninang Mimi. Two years later, your Grandma and bio grandad separated because your bio grandad was a compulsive womanizer and gambler who lost his job. Grandma, Mommy and Ninang Mimi moved back to Quezon City, and we lived with your Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, and your two grand aunts. Your bio grandad finally got settled after several years, he’s now with his third(?) wife, Tita Lemy, with your Tito Jun (yes, another Tito Jun), Tita Hiraya and Tito Paulo. Meanwhile, Grandma found the love of her life, your Lolo KP, almost ten years ago. She met him in church, but they did not get together right away. See, Lolo KP was a recent widower that time, so he waited for his grieving to end naturally, before starting to pursue Grandma. Lolo KP has two children, your Tito Peter and Tita Sam. Lolo KP and Grandma are not yet married, even if Grandma already had her marriage with your bio grandad annulled. I guess they’re still saving up money and waiting for the right time.

Grandma and Mommy doing the laundry! 🙂

I'm guessing you'll look more or less like this when you turn two! 🙂

Mommy grew up in different environments, but mostly in an urban setting. I was a huge reader, who preferred writing short stories and devouring mystery books rather than play outside. I did play outside though, but only within the compound, and only with your Ninang Mimi, Tito Kevin and Tito Ian (who are technically your grand uncles), Tita Kathy and Tita Kim (who are technically your grand aunts). I did well in school :D, and was a consistent honor student. I also joined different extra-curricular school activities, until I got into one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. Up until now, I still have no idea how I got into this school, as Mommy is quite average in Science and abysmal in Math. Oh well. But during this time, I got really tired of the toxic studying environment, and got into this heavy teenager angst mode. I ended up leaving the school three months before High School graduation, and instead got my diploma at the neighborhood high school. But don’t fret Leetol One, Mommy still got her wish to be an Editor-in-Chief of the school paper —- and she was given both the English EIC post and the Filipino EIC post. 😀 Mommy’s was also asked to take up Nursing, as all of our relatives are already in New Jersey, California or Toronto. I originally wanted to take up Education, but I got quite scared that your Great Grandpa and Great Grandma might not like it, so I decided to go with Nursing instead.

Sorry if it’s too small, Leetol One. 😦

Photo is courtesy of Mommy’s High School classmate

Now, Daddy and Mommy did not meet right away during Freshman year. No, they did not even know of each other’s existence. We have had lots of friends and classmates, even common friends, but we never saw each other. We probably had, because our university‘s not that big, but nothing too memorable. We have also had some relationships during that time too (not simultaneously, mind you. I have had only two serious ones. Go ask your Dad how many he has had, ’cause he can’t even count it in his two hands the last time I asked! :D).

Anyhoo, all of that changed during our Junior year in College. Our University’s College of Nursing that time required all students’ names to be in alphabetical order, and that their sections will be grouped as such. So since Mommy’s surname starts with AB, and Daddy’s surname starts with AD, we ended up being in the same section. We did not sit closely to each other though, as there were 10 – 12 persons in between us. When I saw him, I thought he was kind of cute, in a Jericho RosalesDerek Ramsay kind of way. According to him (I swear Leetol One, I am not making this up), he already had a crush on me right away. I don’t know, having a crush on a lanky girl with horribly reddish marks on her face courtesy of this famous local whitening face astringent that I’d rather not name is beyond me. Anyhoo, even if he did like me (which I still don’t believe, by the way), he did not act on it right away, as he thought I already had a boyfriend that time (I didn’t). As for me, I did not act on my feelings, cause I was not the type of girl who goes chasing after a guy, ya know. So we spent the first semester (at least I did, honestly) just stealing a few glances from each other. You know, those kinds of glances that make other people think that your eyes just roamed all throughout the room, but you actually made that glance just to take a look at him, without him noticing. Sorry Leetol One, Mommy’s not making sense. 😀

Daddy ♥, back when his first love was the gym. 😛

Mommy, who was desperate to remove all those acne scars from her fez! 😛

Second semester came, and nothing changed, except for Daddy’s flings. 😛 Mommy had some relationships too, but nothing lasted that long. We started to talk as classmates, as I was also quite close to Daddy’s barkada. There were times that I let him copy off my answers in an Obstetric Nursing Quiz, and we got a perfect score.  😀 There were times where we would eat lunch together with Daddy’s barkada, which eventually took me in (I don’t know, I had an extreme problem being friends with girly girls that time) as one of their own. He would sometimes carry my very heavy books in a faux gentlemanly manner, and I did not make out anything about it, as I knew it was just a friendly gesture. But we did not get to the point of being close to each other, we were just simple acquaintances who made each other laugh once or twice a week.

Daddy and some of the Taktak Boiz (TTB)

But thanks to the Lord’s Almighty powers, he got hold of my cellphone number through Tito Renz (one of our friends). Daddy thought it was one of Tito Renz’s numbers. One afternoon in late March 2007, he sent a text message to everyone in the barkada asking details about summer term enrollment. I replied back, corrected him by saying I am not one of the boys that he was referring to in the text. I also gave him the right details about summer term enrollment, politely. To my surprise (and kilig), Daddy replied his thanks, and told me about his feelings right away. Talk about being super straight forward! 😀 I made light of the situation, and told him jokingly that he does not need to fool me with sweet words to show his thanks. But Daddy firmly insisted that he is telling the truth. Not long after, he started to pursue me. Mommy would like to take note that during this time, I was just two weeks free from a month-and-a-half long relationship. 😛

Mommy did not take Daddy seriously at first, as I was quite doubtful of classroom relationships — they get very messy in the end. But he was very sincere and very insistent. His best friend Tito Jhe convinced me to give your Daddy a chance, and in the end I did. Your Daddy and I became a couple on April 8, 2007. Quite fast no? Well, Dad was very insistent — and he had game 😀 so I was not able to resist his so-called “charms”. 😀 😀 😀

All these happened during the short break between second semester and summer term, so when summer term resumed, everyone in class including our adviser, was very much surprised! 🙂 If I remember it correctly, the Taktak Boiz (the name of Daddy’s barkada — Mommy’s one of the few Taktak Girlz) applauded us as we entered the classroom to take the Revalida exam. 😀

Daddy and I had quite a journey since then. We both can’t believe that it has been four years and six months since then, and now we will be getting married and then wait for you to come out! 🙂 *sigh* The Lord has been very great to us, Anak. 🙂

Here are some of Daddy and Mommy’s early couple pictures.

Daddy and Mommy at Enchanted Kingdom --- we played hooky at school! Oops, sorry Leetol One, you're not allowed to do that once you start studying!

This was when we picked up Lola Mareth from NAIA. See Lolo Alden at the back?
at Daddy’s boarding house in Pureza, Manila

At San Fernando, Pampanga, during our provincial duties. With Tito Jhe, Tito Jack and Tito Ferdz
It has been a while since I have written a 2,000 word article, and I always have a hard time thinking of a good ending. The reason I told you this story is not because we might forget to tell you this story someday, cause I am so sure we will, and in excruciating detail that you and your future brother/sister will beg us to stop talking already. My reason is…. what is my reason?? I guess Mommy wanst you to remember where you come from, where your parents come from. You are very fortunate baby, and you have been showered with so much love from the minute you were conceived, and you are lucky to have both parents and to know a lot about them —- to have an opportunity to be close to them, as there are some children who are abandoned and left alone, children who desperately yearn to know more about parents they did not have a chance of knowing.
Well Leetol One, Mommy’s brain juice is running out, and I still have two more classes tonight, so I’ll have to drop the pen (or in this case, abandon the keyboard) as of the moment. We love you Leetol One! ♥ ♥ ♥
P.S. > Today is Daddy’s make or break Final Interview. Pray pray pray, okay dear? 🙂

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