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Post # 29

on November 17, 2011

Mommy’s note as of 6:35 PM – 11/17/11: Lucas, congratulate your Tita Juvy ah, as she just passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers held last September 2011. 🙂 She’s very smart, as she is also a registered nurse at the same time (She, Tita Steph, and I took the Nursing Licensure Exam all at the same time last November 2008).


Hi Little Lucas! 🙂 I know what you’re thinking, and no, Mommy did not buy another thing for you just yet. Hahaha. 🙂 Just wait, okay? 🙂 I posted an entry today because I found out about some exciting news last night that if I didn’t share it to you, your Mommy will go mad. 😀

See, your Mommy has been into Indian culture since… okay, pregnancy amnesia kicking in, ’cause I can’t remember. Prolly two years ago? Oh I don’t know. Anyhoo, when all her countrymen were busy watching Filipino soap operas, Mommy was busy with her Indian TV Serials, such as Pavitra Rishta, Choti Bahu, Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, Yahaan Ke Hum Sikander, and…. yeah, I can’t remember. So naturally, I would also be following Bollywood superstars like Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn.

And last night, I found out that my super duper favorite actress in the whole wide world has given birth to a baby girl! 🙂 The most beautiful woman in the world and Miss World 1994 Aishwarya Rai has given birth to her first child with Abhishek Bachchan! 🙂 Yaaaay! 🙂

Sorry baby, I don’t think they have released baby pictures yet, but I’ll post a picture of Aish and Abhi, and you’ll have an idea of how fab and good-looking their little princess would be. 😉

Oh, and I also have pictures of Mommies’ dearest friends who have given birth recently. See, there’s a runnning joke in our group that there’s always a girl in line to give birth 🙂 Tita Miles started it when she gave birth around April, to Baby Hailey. Then Tita Maseh gave birth to Baby Brey last August, while Tita Juvy gave birth to Baby Edria a few days ago. That leaves me to be the only girl in line to give birth — that is unless one of your other titas or ninangs decide to have some babies soon. 😛

 Tita Miles and Baby Hailey

Tita Maseh and Baby Brey

Tita Juvy and Baby Edria

Leetol trivia: Notice that all of your titas have baby girls? 🙂

 *sigh* We’re next in line, Little Lucas. 🙂 Are you ready? Well, don’t be in a hurry, cause you still need some time inside my belly. Also, Mommy and Daddy are not yet done buying your things. 😛 But all the same, we can’t wait to see you! 🙂

Little Lucas, we might go to the doctor this weekend with your Nonna. I hope we don’t give Dr. Tumbokon a hard time when she gives me the vaccine! 😛


Mommy and Daddy


4 responses to “Post # 29

  1. good luck, you’re next time 🙂

  2. Jadey says:

    I love Indian culture too…so colorful! You should visit Singapore (mas malapit kaysa India) and witness some of the indian festivals they have…very colorful.

    • The Mommy says:

      ^Thank Sis Jadey. Prolly soon, when Lucas is old enough. I’d also like to go to India too, para real deal. 🙂

      On a totally related note, I think my son’s having a crush on Lisa Ray of Oh My Gold on the TLC channel. 😀

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