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…love letters from the Mommy

Post # 35

on December 9, 2011

Hi Lucas! ♥ Mommy and Daddy will be married in a few weeks! 🙂 Both of us are so excited, and we hope you are too!

See, Mommy and Daddy have been engaged since January 2010, and we have been going to different wedding fairs and food tastings ever since. We also contacted several wedding suppliers already! 🙂 We also had a very feasible wedding plan and timetable — all we needed was the money. 😀 Daddy and I planned on saving up for the next two to three years, but seven and a half months ago, you were given to us by God. 🙂 As much as we wanted to go through our dream wedding, we put our plans on hold, as we wanted to make sure you would have everything you want and need. Besides, Mommy and Daddy don’t mind having a civil wedding first. 🙂 It’s actually kind of exciting that I’ll be sharing Daddy’s surname sooner than expected. We can always get married again soon — and the beauty of it is, you’ll be with us as our ring bearer! 🙂

We do hope, when the right time comes, Mommy and Daddy will get to hire the following suppliers (our dream team since January 2010).

Venue ~ Mango Farm

Florist / Events Styling ~ Vatel Manila

Catering ~ K by Cunanan

Photo and Video ~ Daniel Lei Studio

Cake ~ Gervy’s Amazing Cakes

Invitations ~ Print Divas

Attire ~ c/o your Lola Mareth, of course! ♥

Emcee ~ c/o your Nonna, of course! ♥

Rings ~ Suarez

Hair and Make-up ~ Hazel Gonzales

Photobooth ~ DLS photobooth (c/o Daniel Lei Studio)

Desert Buffet ~ SanFo treats

Mobile Bar ~ Swizzle Mobile Bar

(Eeeep, we don’t know who to get for our sounds, lights and bridal car!! 😦 )

We also have our partial wedding playlist 🙂

1.) Ben Jelen – Come On

2.) Daniel Beddingfield – Never Gonna Leave Your Side

3.) Sara Bareilles – Love Song

4.) Aaron Lines – Close

5.) Jericho Rosales – Beautiful In My Eyes

6.) Akon – Don’t Matter

7.) Taio Cruz – Telling The World

8.) Michael W. Smith – Love of My Life

9.) Colbie Caillat – You Got Me

10.) James Morrison – You Give Me Something

11.) Jason Castro – Let’s Fall In Love Again

12.) Ronnie Liang – Ngiti

13.) Silent Sanctuary – Ikaw Lamang

14.) Eric Benet – Spend My Life With You

15.) Clay Aiken – The Way

16.) 98 Degrees – My Everything

17.) Edwin McCain – I Could Not Ask For More

18.) Howie Day – Collide

19.) Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You

20.) Brad Paisley – Find Yourself

21.) Simple Things – Jim Brickman and Rebecca Lynn Howard

Okay… Mommy posted this in our blog, so she can remember all these details, and for you to know how Mommy and Daddy love each other verrrry verrry much that they have extensively planned all of this! 🙂 One thing that saddens me though, is the fact that you don’t have any wedding videos of Mom and Dad to watch when you turn one or two, because we’ll prolly have this wedding when you turn three or five. Granted though, that you don’t have your baby brother or sister by that time! 😀

P.S. > You know Lucas, Mommy will be extremely pissed if somebody copies her whole wedding plan. Pregnant or not, hormones or no hormones, I will be super duper mad at that person, cause I didn’t post this just for anyone to copy most of our plans. 😀

And you know how Mommy gets mad right? 🙂 

We love you Lucas! 🙂 We’re so happy you’ll be with us at our wedding! 🙂

P.P.S > Please give Mommy’s tummy some space for eating after the wedding, cause we’re planning to eat in a restaurant that offers great buffet — so don’t make Mommy have a heartburn attack or anything! 😛



6 responses to “Post # 35

  1. kay says:

    Awwww that is so nice … I can be a wedding singer for a minimal fee 🙂 photographer na rin haha

  2. Ane says:

    Congrats on getting married soon! 🙂 and I do hope you get your dream wedding and no one copies your wedding plans! 😛 I’d be pissed if someone copied my wedding too.. 😛 pregnant or not. 😛

  3. vernietuason says:

    Aww this is so sweet…
    Lucas is so lucky!
    Always stay happy mommy…

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